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Window tinting. has become very popular, because there are a lot of benefits that come with it. The reason why it is called window tinting, is because the majority of people choose a dark colored window film. However that are clear films that you can use for your windows. The main reason for the clear window films not the look, it is the heat protection.

 Window Tinting Benefits.

  •  Heat and Glare reduction.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • UV Filtration.
  • Privacy.
  • Decoration.
  • Graffiti protection.

 Window Tinting Film Technology.

With time window tinting films are getting better and better, making a huge collection for the end consumer to chose from. Few years a go if you live in hot place like Pasadena CA, most likely you will be looking for the darkest window film, so it will reduce heat inside your vehicle, house or commercial building. However with the new technologies that has been introduced to the window tinting world, the darkness of the film don’t matter anymore, since there are film such as: 3M Crestline, that can be almost invisible, but it is the most heat rejection film due to the technology behind it.

 Window Tinting Film Types:

  •  Dyed window tinting film.
  • Hybrid window tinting film.
  • Carbon Window Tinting Film.
  • Ceramic window tinting film.
  • Crystalline Window tinting film.

These are the main window tinting films that exist in the market, window tinting Pasadena carry all of them. However with all the benefits that comes with window tinting there are many regulations and laws that come with window tinting for your vehicle. 

Window Tinting Laws.

Note: if you have a medical condition or a strong reason, why you can’t comply with the window tint law in your state, please click on your state name below, to be redirected to more information and ways to get an exemption or a waiver.

State VLT State VLT State VLT
Alabama. 32% Louisiana. 40% Ohio. 50%
Alaska. 70% Maine. 35% Oklahoma. 25%
Arizona. 33% Maryland. 35% Oregon. 35%
Arkansas. 25% Massachusetts. 35% Pennsylvania. 70%
California. 70% Michigan. 70% Rhode Island. 70%
Colorado. 27% Minnesota. 50% South Carolina. 27%
Connecticut. 35% Mississippi. 28% South Dakota. 35%
Delaware. 70% Missouri. 35% Tennessee. 35%
Florida. 28% Montana. 24% Texas. 25%
Georgia. 32% Nebraska. 35% Utah. 43%
Hawai. 35% Nevada. 35% Vermont. 70%
Idaho. 35% New Hampshire. 70% Virginia. 35%
Illinois. 35% New Jersey. 70% Washington. 24%
Indiana. 30% New Mexico. 20% West Virginia. 35%
Iowa. 70% New York. 70% Wisconsin. 50%
Kansas. 35% North Carolina. 35% Wyoming. 28%
Kentucky. 35% North Dakota. 50 District Of Colombia. 70%


VLT: is the abbreviation of “Visible Light Transmission”.

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